Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Fun Weekend and This Week's Menu Plan

What a weekend! We had a great time with the Evans family who visited from Friday evening to Monday morning. We were able to fit in a lot in that time but there was still lots of time to catch up and enjoy each others' company. Friday evening after they arrived, we went to a local park so the boys could play some baseball while Maely and I chatted on the sidelines. Then we had 3 different kinds of pizza for dinner - Little Caesars, homemade Chicago deep dish with green and red peppers and half pepperoni (I think this is Bryant's new favorite pizza), and homemade thin crust with Canadian bacon and pineapple (my favorite of the three). Our niece Holly was a HUGE help in the kitchen and helped at every meal!

However, we did more than just eat. I love when people visit - we always see things that we've been meaning to see (but probably wouldn't get around to doing on our own). Saturday, we went to San Francisco and Muir Woods (Bryant really liked this...we're definitely going to try to go back) and then Six Flags on Sunday. We had such a wonderful time - the weekend just flew by!

We're so happy the Evanses made it down; now we're looking forward to more visitors this coming weekend! In the meantime, here's the meal plan for this week and weekend:

Menu Plan

Monday: leftovers

Tuesday: chicken and cucumber salad w/ ginger sesame dressing (we really liked this...a great summer salad)

Wednesday: pasta with homemade marinara, zucchini crisps

Thursday: chicken tikka masala, brown rice with mustard seeds, celery, carrots, green peas

Friday: leftover minestrone soup and homemade bread (affogato vanilla ice cream with magic sauce for dessert)

Saturday: French dip au jus sandwiches, roasted vegetables

Sunday: blackened salmon, black eyed pea salad, corn, salad with homemade dressing

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